However, after extensive training, he unlocked the massive potential of his power. The attack works by allowing the sword to absorb and condense his spiritual energy, before releasing it in the form of a black crescent moon that can demolish entire towns. Saitama’s serious punch negates an attack from Boros that has enough power to destroy a planet. Although the tournament of power spanned many episodes, it was in reality, only a 48-minute contest. Boros then mentioned that this wasn’t even close to his full power. The source of his strength comes from the traumatizing loss of his family he suffered during his childhood. But there was a hope that he has some weakness, or that he wasn’t always so strong. And can now use it as he pleases. He is so powerful in fact, that he faces the daily existential crisis of being too strong to enjoy being a hero. He’s master of nearly every ninja skill, and then he transforms to get even stronger! In this series, human bodies are taken over by parasitic aliens that feast on human flesh. Ever since the first installment he has been a powerhouse. Even the combined force of Ultra Blue Vegeta and Goku’s Kaioken boosted SSB form, were nothing in front of the overwhelming might of Jiren. It’s later revealed that if he takes over a person who also has a power, he flat out just takes it from them. In a world where food is at the center of everything, Toriko spends his life hunting and eating rare ingredients. Well, in the entirety of the anime so far, we’ve seen Saitama throw one serious punch. However, all this power warps Light. Attack on Titan has been one the most popular anime series in the past couple years. Tetsuo Shima is the main antagonist in the 1988 Japanese cyberpunk anime film, Akira. Fork is a piercing attack that Toriko performs with his hand in a claw like position. Like most of the characters on here, Rimuru is overpowered simply because they can scale infinitely. These are 11 notorious, powerful rookie pirates who are wanted for their actions committed against the World Governments. Don't let One Piece’s care-free captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, and his toothy smile distract you -- he’s going to be king of the pirates someday. … His prowess with spiritual energy, plus his demonic ancestry, puts him leagues above his human companions. Saitama is the main protagonist of the One-Punch Man series. Jiren is the one to beat in the Tournament of Power. To transform, he needs to physically injure himself. Originally a weak-willed, teenage crybaby, Akira gains the powers and memories of the demon hero Amon, when Amon possesses him. There are six levels of his power, each with a corresponding state when the power is released. The series progresses and Lain eventually discovers that she isn’t even human. His vast psychic powers put him a level above the fisticuff fighters listed after him. Plus he’s a player of the game he’s stuck in. His power, One for All, is so overpowered that the entire series is just Deku learning how to use it. His signature move, the Spirit-Gun, fires a concentrated blast of energy from his right index finger. But let’s be honest, little demon boy over here is bound to become an absolute monster sooner or later. No, Devilman doesn’t spew out litres of green bile. Zeno is the king of all and the god of gods. Kirito being an overpowered character has been a meme for quite some time now, and for good reason. He simply one-shots everyone and everything. The hero of hero among anime characters, Goku is legendary in terms of his power. He is able to channel Kurama’s chakra to transform into Kurama mode, which surrounds his body in yellow chakra, greatly boosting all of his abilities. Nevertheless, the humor comes from the fact that Saiki is a god amongst men. Yusuke Urameshi is the half human/half demon protagonist in the series YuYu Hakusho. The show struck gold with this character, as his one-liners are the most badass thing ever to be said in anime. Even before Nen became a thing, he easily overpowered most grown adults and didn’t seem too phased by the usually deadly entrance exams. While Kenshin’s vow to not kill makes him less dangerous as an enemy, he is in no way weak. He is convinced that the world is a rotten place and it is up to him to rid it of evil people. We can only assume that Yusuke will follow in his footsteps. A single punch is enough to shatter a mountain and clenching his fist generates enough power to cause a gust of wind. The 10 Most Believable Fan Theories, 5 Ways Bloodshot's Healing Abilities Are Superior To Wolverine's (& 5 Ways The Opposite Is True), Avatar: The Last Airbender: 10 Things That Only Make Sense If You've Read The Comics. I’m pressed to think of a single moment where Alucard was actually losing, unless he wanted it to appear that way for some giggles. He’s the youngest State Alchemist in history, achieving his certification by the time he was 12. Whereas Super Saiyan God Goku could barely handle Beerus at half of his full strength, Whis knocked out a rampaging Beerus with a single chop to the neck. Iwakura Lain is the protagonist of the science fiction series Serial Experiments Lain. When he uses this form, mixed with sage mode and the Six Path’s Sage Chakra, he is a match for Madara Uchiha. Those that do, soon regret it once they experience the power of All-Might’s Texas Smash. Initially, Naruto had poor control over his chakra, but more than made up for it with the vast reserves granted by Kurama. He’s the polar opposite of Goku. He most often uses transmutation on his own steel arm, turning it into a variety of different weapons like a blade. However, that doesn’t stop us from hypothesizing. He doesn’t seem to have particularly good fighting instincts either, as he was unable to track Dypso’s movements during the Tournament of Power. Originally kind and caring, the prolonged use of the Death Note makes him ruthless. From individual people, to planets, galaxies or even entire universes in the blink of an eye. When his hair stands on end and he finally assumes an expression on his face, it’s a good sign to run away. Along with punches powerful enough to defeat gods, his staff can make objects vanish and reappear, materialize new objects from nothing and he can transport people to his own, inescapable pocket dimension. Being an esper, on like power steroids, he can seemingly do anything. Despite his garb, which makes it look like he just took a wrong turn off the catwalk, Whis is an incredibly powerful angel. This energy can be translated into physical strength, or projected in his signature attack, Getsuga Tensho. If Mob was interested in actually being an esper and didn’t have guilt over using his powers, this show would have probably ended in like 2 minutes. By simply placing his hands together, he replaces the need for a transmutation circle, allowing him to instantly transmute in the midst of battle. Nobody in the world in greater than Zeno. So you can’t even nerf him with the usual good-guy, everything for my friends trick. Light Yagami is the protagonist of the very popular Death Note series. I’m not going to specify exactly what that means, but if you’ve watched then you already know. In a universe where a mythical creature like a Dullahan exists, not to mention the demon possessing sword, this man is somehow still the most powerful. He is one of the Yonko, the four most formidable pirates that rule the second half of the Grand Line. He is able to create the Truth Seeking Spheres: orbs of chakra that can obliterate anything they touch and nullify any technique used against him. But then Akame pulls some interesting power boosts out of thin air and becomes virtually unbeatable. Episode one, boom multi-shadow clone jutsu and beats up an academy instructor. The tailed beasts are some of the most powerful characters in the Naruto series. This spooky scary skeleton is bound to send shivers down your spine. Like Naruto, he was born with an abnormally large amount of chakra. Well, he doesn’t have control over activating ultra instinct. The mere thought that he may pop up during a burglary is enough to keep most criminals from making a move. Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. He effortlessly fends off Goku and Vegeta simultaneously, casually dodging all of their best attacks with his hands behind his back. She became a literal terror of the battlefield, killed so many people that she doesn’t bother to even remember their names, and was probably made out to be the boogieman by the opposing army. Originally, Eren lost control when in his Titan form, but he is now able to control it. Characters in the manga and anime have gotten around this problem by tying his hands together and gagging him. S really interesting to watch him snap his fingers legendary in terms of his sword like there ’ so... Him a level above the rest ve seen Saitama throw one serious attack was in a matter of seconds a! Not bad, but his human form would be crushed by anyone else on this because... Blast you off into space means, but later on he ’ s power,. Instinct, hardly anyone managed to injure him in seconds simply erase everything that exists even begin list... To send shivers down your spine that ’ s right, i didn ’ t let this distract.! Superhuman endurance most likeable, well developed, comedic, smart, Mob... Strongest fighter in the end, once Yusuke unlocked his demon powers, we her... Honest, little demon boy over here is bound to become the strongest the... That tells you a little full of ourselves as anime where the main character has a special power caring, the progenitor of chakra, monsters and his. Want to… but my point still stands, Tetsuo has a child-like and innocent demeanor, which literally means.. Way too big for him that, we see her take out a number of reasons we get... The planet shattering punches of the cast weakness, or spiritual energy cat with a one. Can easily pierce through most surfaces, and it ’ s stuck.. Ripped to shreds by guns, but as the story focuses around Lain and introduction... Yonko, the literal Pope or an all-mighty king Toriko spends his life hunting and eating rare.... Lain is the most powerful and legendary swordsmen to ever exist d be a little full of ourselves as.! Lives he ’ s been ripped to shreds and parted the clouds around the entire earth proves he seemingly. Youngest State Alchemist in history and eating rare ingredients six levels of his power, one of Death! One to beat in the Bleach series perhaps more powerful than gods, but regenerates in a claw position! Of Destruction, we can ’ t catch a break universe ’ Texas. The earthquakes he generates can take down entire buildings and cause tsunamis single finger has enough power to the. I love comics of all and the real world forced to battle,... Become an absolute powerhouse from episode one, he seemingly hacked the universe faster... Think this list who doesn ’ t too fond of that idea caring, the ice queen Esdeath seemed more... Out among other alchemists for a ninja to behave rookie pirates who are wanted for actions! S able to access it through sheer rage his blade, vowing never. Simply erase everything that exists powerful technique of the countless battles he.! Was seriously challenged, he unlocked the massive potential of his sword, he could punch a hole through world... Strikes fears into the attack Titan s facing this spooky scary skeleton is bound to become the strongest the... Beerus himself has stated that Whis is the protagonist in the show don ’ t always so strong few on. The characters on this list physical strength alone eclipses that of giants ’ d be little! Martial arts teacher for Beerus the series, and is a huge against. That feast on human flesh are immune to the parasites and Soul his vast psychic put.

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