The flower was used by ancient Greeks to ward off the fumes of liquor by weaving the crocus flower into wreaths for the head. Lexicons. CROCUS ( תִּרְצָה֒, H9573, delight ). As such, it is the first sign of new life before spring arrives. 2. There were fifteen different types of crocuses known in Pal, and four were found in the Lebanon area—where Solomon prob. חֲבַצֶּלֶת. These four are: the gray-blue Crocus canclelatus damascenus; the pale blue C. zonatus; the white and lilac, orange-throated C. lyemalis; and the orange yellow C. vitellinus. When the conditions are congenial, love appears, just as the crocus and the snowdrop appear in the congenial air of the spring. (See NAS RSV NIV), 2261. chabatstseleth -- meadow saffron or, Introductory Note to the Martyrdom of Ignatius, Wherefore, I Beseech You, O virgin, do not Flatter Yourself on the, Your Narratives, My Opponent Says, are Overrun with Barbarisms and, What is the Rose of Sharon? A plant of the genus Crocus. A plant with abundant blossoms. It is a hopeful sign of life when most of the world is still frozen and gray. The v. therefore reads: “You are as beautiful as a crocus, my darling, and as lovely as the Lily of the Valley” (Song of Solomon 6:4). Crocus (1 Occurrence) ... 2. The v. therefore reads: “You are as beautiful as a crocus, my darling, and as lovely as the Lily of the Valley” ( Song of Solomon 6:4 ). Therefore Moffatt’s tr. 2. The Life Cycle of the Crimson Worm. Bible Reference: Isaiah 35.1. yellow color; esp., the oxide of iron ( Crocus of Mars or colcothar) thus ... /c/crocus.htm - 7k. Currently, true crocus doesn’t grow in Israel. Crocus, Cornelius. The crocus has long been a symbol of youthfulness and cheerfulness. ... // the government of god/index 2.htm, The Life of Salvian ... amphitheater of Tr? (n.) A deep yellow powder; the oxide of some metal calcined to a red or deep. The Bible named both crocus and saffron, an edible spice of crocus. When I say that a command is biblical, I mean that it applies to me, a New Testament Christian who has been bought with the blood of Christ. The bastard saffron is of the genus Carthamus, and the meadow saffron of the genus Colchicum. The Egyptians also used crocus flowers to dispel the fumes from intoxicating liquors by placing a spray of flowers on wine glasses. [3360] Do you not also say coelus andcoelum, filus and filum, crocus and crocum, fretus andfretum? KJV Dictionary Definition: saffron saffron. Creation of world a proof of God 's care, 114 ff. |, Crocus: Dictionary and Thesaurus | What, then, can we do? Here’s what the Bible says about crocus and saffron: Many species of the crocus are found in Palestine. ?ves was the scene of many of those public spectacles against which Salvian inveighed so bitterly, and when the Vandal Crocus captured the ... /.../salvian/on the government of god/ii the life of salvian.htm, Saffron (1 Occurrence)... zafran (ie, "yellow"), mentioned only in Cant. CROCUS (תִּרְצָה֒, H9573, delight). 1. The flower named “crocus” that grows there has harmful effects. .../s/saffron.htm - 8k, Rose (279 Occurrences)... 2:1 and Isaiah 35:1 the Hebrew word habatstseleth (found only in these passages), rendered "rose" (RV marg., "autumn crocus"), is supposed by some to mean the .../r/rose.htm - 37k, Crookbacked (1 Occurrence)/c/crookbacked.htm - 8k, Crocodile (1 Occurrence)/c/crocodile.htm - 7k, Isaiah 35:1The waste land and the dry places will be glad; the lowland will have joy and be full of flowers. So let’s lay out some terminology. Saffron (1 Occurrence) ... zafran (ie, "yellow"), mentioned only in Cant. of Tirzah as “crocus” seems right. New International Version (NIV). 4:13, 14; the Crocus sativus. ... And Crocus also, worthy both of God and you, whom I have received as the manifestation [502] of your love, hath in all things refreshed [503] me, as the Father ... /.../chapter ii congratulations and entreaties.htm, Conclusion. ... See Crocus. The flower mentioned in the Bible (Song of Song of Solomon 2:1 ; Isaiah 35:1 ) has been identified as either the narcissus (N. tazetta), the meadow saffron (genus Calchicum), or the asphodel (asphodelos). Usually we mean, “I must obey this command as a Christian, come heck or high water.”. In my part of the world, the crocus is the first flower to bloom near the end of winter, often emerging through late winter snows. another utres? A young man complimenting his girl friend would be more likely to use the names of flowers than cities. ... who are deservedly most happy. of Tirzah as “crocus” seems right. The Crimson Worm (scientific name: coccus ilicis or kermes ilicis) looks more like a grub than a worm. Hebrew Lexicon. saffron. 3750. karkom -- saffron... Word Origin of uncertain derivation Definition saffron NASB Word Usage saffron (1). ... /hebrew/3750.htm - 5k, Congratulations and Entreaties. Probably of foreign origin; the crocus -- saffron. In the lifecycle of this worm is found a remez (hidden meaning) that points to the work of Jesus on the cross. wrote the Song of Solomon. (n.) A deep yellow powder; the oxide of some metal calcined to a red or deep yellow color; esp., the oxide of iron (Crocus of Mars or colcothar) thus produced from salts of iron, and used as a polishing powder. Several species of crocus grow in Palestine. Crocus the Vandal, 9. ... How then, they say, can Scripture describe all the plants of the earth as seed-bearing, when the reed, couch-grass, [1537] mint, crocus, garlic, and the ... /.../basil/basil letters and select works/homily v the germination of.htm, Introductory Note to the Martyrdom of Ignatius ... as well as of the Ignatian Epistles, be admitted, there can be little doubt that the persons in question were Philo and Agathopus, with Crocus perhaps, all of ... /.../introductory note to the martyrdom.htm, To the Ephesians ... Crocus too, who is a credit both to God and to you, and whom I received as a model of your love, altogether raised my spirits (May the Father of Jesus Christ ... /...// christian fathers/to the ephesians.htm, Wherefore, I Beseech You, O virgin, do not Flatter Yourself on the ... ... because it is a disgrace that it, after the sanctifying oil has been applied to it, should be polluted with the juice or powder of either crocus, or any other ... /.../life and writings of sulpitius severus /chapter x wherefore i beseech.htm, Your Narratives, My Opponent Says, are Overrun with Barbarisms and ... ... of uter, utria?

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