Many of the most common leadership challenges arise when leaders are either unaware of common pitfalls, or are inattentive to developing problems. Yet humans are social animals, and the basic work unit in most public and private sector organizations is the team. Since 2006 I’ve worked with in excess of 7,000 accountants and professionals in workshops, seminars and one to one helping them land their next jobs and become better leaders, presenters and business partners. Challenge #6: Teach Teams How to Win. The work environment has a lot of pressure built into it. An organization is typically made up of hundreds if not thousands of teams, including Boards of Directors, executive leadership teams, product teams, marketing and sales teams, cross-functional teams, task forces, committees, and the like. Whether individual team members, a sub-set of team members, or the entire team best perform these activities is something most team leaders get wrong. It’s 10 am – Do you know where your Employees Are? For example, team size can be problematic, and many executive leadership teams are too big to be effective. Challenge 8: Remaining Positive Personally. Stepping back so others can step up. Of all the challenges facing team leaders this may well be the most difficult to overcome. Challenge #7: Master Team Conflict. Perhaps the easiest to overcome but the most overlooked challenge for team leaders is implementing the right norms to drive team member behavior. You are the bull. A challenge for team leaders is getting team members aligned around a common worldview. There is no excuse for team leaders for not implementing a set of meeting, communication, decision-making, accountability, and self-adjustment norms that help rather than hinder team performance. Some team leaders suffer from inclusivity overload, which is why it can take their teams an hour to determine when the next meeting will take place. Too many organizations forget leadership is a team sport. Winning hearts and minds is tough, especially when proposing something different. Stop blaming organizations and others for your shortfalls and failures. Other challenges include getting the right reporting structures in place (matrix structures tend to interfere with good teamwork), clarifying team members’ roles and responsibilities, ensuring team behavior and performance is adequately incented, and dealing with team killers. The reality is that most new leaders understand leadership is a role, however, the complexities the new leader will face are often underestimated. Responding to these different demands and agendas is tough. Duncan Brodie helps professional people to become highly effective leaders. Challenge #2: Establish the Team’s Purpose. It is easy to forget that leadership is a team sport, as most of what gets written about the topic focuses on leaders. If team meetings are a waste of time, team members are constantly being surprised, ill-informed decisions are consistently made, strict behavioral standards are applied to some team members but not others, and teams never take a step back to review how they are operating as a team, then these team leaders have not overcome the team norm challenge. Challenge #3: Are You a Group or a Team? You are a human being not a robot. So what are the big challenges you need to overcome if you are to achieve success? Is Your Team Surviving or Thriving During…, Teamwork in the Time of COVID-19: Mission, Teamwork in the Time of COVID-19: Context. One reason why is that many team leaders falsely believe that team member skills, experience, and abilities are all that matters, when in reality there are other team talent considerations. What percentage of leadership development program content focuses on getting to know oneself better or being true to oneself? A prolific author, he has written 19 and sold over 100,000 books and written numerous chapters and articles on leadership and teams. The Bottom Line: Leading a team can look really easy from the outside looking in. Team leaders need to understand that vision, mission, and purpose statements are merely statements of intent; they usually will not result in any tangible action until they are translated into meaningful goals, metrics, and strategies. Challenge 3: Responding To Different Agendas. Team goals and strategies define the activities that need to be completed for teams to be successful. Effective team leaders foster task conflict (as it will drive better solutions), minimize process conflict by establishing clear roles and rules around individual vs. sub-group vs. team issues), and stay on top of and work out interpersonal conflicts, as the latter are the most damaging to team morale and performance. How many articles and blogs get published each year with authors claiming that their lists of characteristics or traits is all it takes for someone to be a great leader? Question added by Rana Alnajjar , Web developer , Lebcards Date Posted: 2015/07/23. Putting plans into action – Follow through. I’m a CIMA Fellow, Certified Professional Coach and Team Coach Facilitator. Team leaders can overcome all seven of these challenges, but as it currently stands most are falling short of the mark. Nonetheless, a challenge for all team leaders is to ensure the dashboards, scorecards, or KPIs needed to drive team performance are in place and understood by everyone on their teams. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Scott Tannebaum recently described three types of team conflict: task, process, and interpersonal, with the first centering around disagreements over what the team needs to do (goals, strategies, and plans), the second concerns disagreements over who does the work (role clarity and individual vs. sub-group vs. team issues) and the third pertains to people who cannot get along with each other. When you achieve anything just like in the high jump the bar is raised to another level. Team goals and activities will also determine how many people are needed, how they should be organized, what roles are to be played, which norms are needed to bolster team performance, and how to properly manage conflict and help teams win. Copyright 2017 Goals and Achievements Ltd. How In Touch With Reality Are You As A Manager? Take the bull by the horns. Pressure. So-called “good” leadership is often a lot easier to describe than to actually implement.

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