Further shortening is not necessary. ... RHS Award Garden Merit: No: Habit: Evergreen: Scented: Yes: Suitable for pot growing: No: Category: Armandii… Clematis armandii is a vigorous, evergreen clematis, bearing a profusion of almond-scented, star-shaped cream-white flowers from March to April. Sunny aspect. Ht.6mt.(20ft.). March to April. "Your Clematis armandii may be suffering from the drought as they do like moisture, like all clematis, but it may also be that the stems are damaged by wind or other action or accident. Evergreen, it retains its glossy mid-green leaves throughout the year. Clematis Armandii Hendersonii Rubra is a perennial species of evergreen climber with masses of early flowering plae pink blooms that burst through in March to April. Clematis armandii Snowdrift; Clematis armandii Snowdrift . Vigorous evergreen climber with long, strap-like leaves. Clematis are deciduous or evergreen shrubs or herbaceous perennials that add colour and height to any garden. Their flower forms are varied too with an abundance of colours to choose from. In the spring this evergreen flowers on the wood of the previous year. EVERGREEN CLEMATIS Evergreen Clematis is an asset to any garden. Sunny aspect. A sheltered position will help reduce wind damage. The versatile climbing plant can be used both as a practical privacy screen and as an ornamental plant. It is also quite common for a part of an armandii to suffer from its leaves turning brown. It’s perfect for growing against a sunny west or south-facing wall. Clematis armandii snowdrift, also known as Armand Clematis, a recipient of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, a vigorous evergreen climber, with leathery, glossy, trifoliate mid-green leaves unto 15cm long, the young growth emerging with bronze tones, making it an ideal climber for the pagola or covering for walls and fenches. Ht.6mt.(20ft.). Vigorous evergreen climber with long, strap-like leaves. This evergreen clematis develops a thick vine with sturdy stems that will … After flowering, the longest branches can be cut off, after which new shoots will grow. 2 Review(s) | Add Your Review. A profusion of sweetly almond-scented, large white flowers. Tidy prune. Clematis armandii ‘Snowdrift’ Just as vigorous and sweetly scented as the species, this winter flowering clematis cultivar flowers at the same time, but the tepals are narrow and slightly twisted, so … Read More There are many varieties of clematis and if you pick the right one you can have them flowering all year round. Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. Good for trellis, pergolas, w They can be trained up fences, walls, pagodas and even against trees and shrubs. A profusion of sweetly almond-scented, large white flowers. Tidy prune. March to April. It is also known as Clematis Hendersonii Rubra. Availability: Out of stock. Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift' Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift' £19.50.

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