Notice where the. Noticed something great? This is because you have a higher HP pool for the 50% damage, and will likely be finishing off Electric Aethers. The players with the red AoEs should spread out nearer to the center, while the 4 flared players should head out to separate safe channels between Shiva’s ice AoEs. Another, spawning in 2 Electric Aethers and an Earthern Aether, as well as. Diamond Frost, Light Rampant, Banish III, Akh Morns and Morn Afahs, Reflected Hallowed Wings (both wings), Holy, Icelit Dragonsong, and second Wyrm’s Lament 2 are all periods that require heavy mitigation and healing. DPS should bait their AoEs towards their intercardinal positions and then walk towards the middle – DO NOT gap close, as that will drop an AoE on the tanks. Ranged players can outrange both mechanics. The tank should pick up their tether now, freeing them to silence the final Earthen Aether. On wave 4, the tank should silence the Earthen Aether and finish off the Aqueous Aether and Earthen Aether. After healing through Akh Morns, stack on the rear to soak Morn Afah. This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Shiva, the Heritor of Frost, in Eden’s Verse – Refulgence (Savage). Note how many orbs are floating in a circle above her. If this stack reaches five, the player explodes and deals heavy damage to nearby players. During adds phase, make sure to top up players between each wave and heal the player taking the tether each wave. The healer takes the tether, freeing them to cast heals for the rest of the phase. Visit the Balance FFXIV for job theorycrafting, discussion, and guides. Try not to move, except to get out of the upcoming AoEs. Icicle Impact will appear, starting either north-south or east-west. 4. Immediately after, the mirrors will cast a reflected version. Wyrm’s Lament will inflict tanks and two random DPS with, While tanks and healers can comfortably stay in their groups for Akh Morns, DPS may have to swap groups as their debuff is random. Red 3 soaks (S) and Blue 2 cleanses (W/E). The healers should immediately cleanse their debuffs after Morn Afah with the east and west light puddles, and return to their groups for Akh Morn. Stay tuned for links when completed! After the six hits, top all players – the, If the tank is using an invuln, the new MT should go north and soak Morn Afah solo with the invuln. After another pulse, an Aqueous Aether and 2 Electric Aethers will spawn, as well as an unattackable Light Aether, which will tether to the shard. Your healers and ranged will love you if you turn the boss to the correct orientation to dodge Biting/Driving Frost after Diamond Frost – orient her such that the middle is safe. Electric Aether should be killed ASAP, as more healing will be required if they are allowed to cast Shock Spikes. Pop any remaining cooldowns and look for Banish. The MT should then drag Shiva NW. On wave 1, the Electric Aether should be bursted by the tank and ranged, with melee hitting it when moving but focusing on the Aqueous Aether. The first Reflected Hallowed Wings will hit the first four players with heavy damage and inflict a magic vuln stack, and should be mitigated. This AoE inflicts the Lightsteeped debuff on all player with various stack amounts. A ranged physical DPS is recommended to be in the west group. Bright Hunger is cast during this phase as well. Shiva is the final raid encounter in the Eden’s Verse raid, available February 18, 2020 in Patch 5.2. Mitigate and heal, then stack in the middle once the Akh Rhai have disappeared for Morn Afah. Heart Asunder is cast between each wave of adds. If the gauge remains at 0, all players will gain the Grace of Light buff for 60 seconds upon the start of Phase 3, increasing damage dealt by 2%. In Phase 1, Shiva summons: Four towers in the middle intercardinally that must be soaked by one player each, Two towers in the middle north and south that must be soaked by two player each, One tower in the middle that must be soaked by four players. Tanks and healers will receive two Refulgent Chain debuffs with players of the opposite role. Shiva is a 14 minute fight and requires around 90725 raid DPS. Players need to soak the dragon head and cleanse in between Hallowed Wings. Shiva will cast Driving Frost as the castbar finishes, then Biting Frost immediately after. The second Reflected Hallowed Wings will hit all players, dealing heavy damage to the first five players. A short while after spawning, buffs itself with Shock Spikes, reflecting damage to all attackers. Shiva will cast Biting Frost as the castbar finishes, then Driving Frost immediately after. Archived. All players except for the healers should head south or west, on where the first Icicle Impact dropped. Take this time to heal up.

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