… 2) Enter the number of frets. For a new calculation hit the "Reload Button" of your browser. Fret Specs Pro is a fret calculator for the stringed instrument craftsman and luthier. It doesn't print a template but will give distances in inches or mm, it's more precise to choose mm. The various excel calculator templates give you the required way to calculate all your excel sheet records quickly without the need of manually adding, subtracting or multiplying the numbers. lets you print a multiple page template.… FretFind2D. Measure Fret Spacing/Printable Fret Template There are a few online fret calculators that will give you the fret spacing for any given scale length. Online version Unlimited number of frets. fretting template and leave out these frets: 1,, fret slotting jig plans , fret slotting jig plans, diatonic fret calculator , diatonic fret calculator, printable fret scale template , printable fret scale template, guitar scale template , guitar scale template i have looked at those templates but they are chromatic and not the scale lengths i want Fret Calculator Choose from two different calculators: PDF version (62 kilobytes) This calculator can be saved to disk. Enter the scale length and number of frets and Fret Specs Pro will output the measurements for fret spacing, fret to fret , nut to fret and fret to bridge measurements are calculated. Online Fret Calculator. If you want fret distances in inches enter your scale length in inches. Fretboard Calculator. Guitar makers will find this program very handy for custom scale length guitars. I designed this page to calculate where each fret slot should be cut, measured both from the nut to fret, and from the fret to bridge. Support your counting exercises in class with printable number activities for preschoolers too. When measuring, always measure from the nut, it's more precise that way. The StewMac Fret Calculator can give you fret measurements for many different instruments. These Excel Templates come with a preset column, fields, rules and formulae and you just need to change the column values as per your requirements. S T A R T the calculation. Enter the scale length in millimeters if you need millimeters. When building a guitar or bass and cutting your own fretboard slots (versus buying a pre-slotted fretboard,) it's very important that the fret slots be cut accurately. Use icons and illustrations to create clock time worksheets or add charts for your interpreting graphs worksheet. Using the fret calculator is easy: 1) Enter the scale length. And if you have your concept, deck it out with one of our templates to make it more pop. So I'd like some feedback on the idea of cutting out my own fret slot templates. I'm hesitant to buy the templates I've found online because I want to build multiscale and I don't want to be limited to the scale lengths available to me from Stewmac, etc..

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