As a herbal medicine, the plant has diuretic, cooling, tonic and laxative properties. 15-Mar-2015 07:26:59 nishanthi said : Report Abuse: I like tjos i want more information will gathet from this applicstion i … More ideas for you. I just wished to share a list of pictures I collected earlier from some websites.. Nowadays people have become health conscious and have started adding a number of spinach varieties in their diet.. It makes me happy. Vallarai is an aquatic herb easily found in swampy areas. It is usually (but not always especially in areas of high humidity where it can even be a garden weed) found in wet or damp spots. Aerva lanata is often mistaken for Alternanthera sessilis, which is also of the family Amaranthaceae, and looks similar. Most of the herd included here are the edible ones used in Indian cooking. Vegetables. I know Noila’s voice long before I know her. More unusual names are trickier to choose, and may end up attracting unwanted attention. She is from Kerala. It is called Mandukaparni in Sanskrit, brahma manduki, Gotu kola in Hindi and Indian Pennywort in English. Hence, we have presented a list of Indian Vegetable Names in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada. This is Sabari. The plant is known as "Mukunuwenna" මුකුණුවැන්‍න in Sinhala. PROTA Foundation, Wageningen; Backhuys, Leiden; CTA, Wageningen. For non-native English speakers, it's best to stick with the classic names. Tamil. Pl make sure the English name of the keraies. I have been to my favorite doctor Dr. Krishna for consulting and getting tips for weight loss. Names of common varieties of spinach are mentioned in different language like English, botanical names, Tamil, Telugu etc. & Denton, O.A. You can check out my weight loss story and more about me here.Learn More →, 1. Glossary - The common names of herbs and greens leafy vegetables is given in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi are listed here. I value your comment. Here are the lists of Tamil vegetable names like celery, kale, beerakaya, asparagus, broccoli, bottle gourd, avarakkai, Tamil. As its flowers look like the eyes of a fish, Alternanthera sessilis is called Matsyakshi, fisheyed. The plants are shredded finely and stir fried with grated coconut and spices to make what is known as "Mukunuwenna mellum". This is a perennial herb with prostrate stems, rarely ascending, often rooting at the nodes. It has been introduced to the southern United States, and its origins in Central and South America are uncertain. It can also be taken with soup. The health benefits of most popular medicinal varieties of spinach are elaborated in this blog. Keerai vagaigal in Tamil, Keerai names in Tamil and English with Images, Spinach varieties, Greens Types, Spinach names, keerai, கீரை வகைகள், keerai types,ke... Malabar Spinach Onion Sprouts Violet Eyes Mustard Greens Color Names English English Positivity Image Green Leaves. Most of the women who have PCOD/PCOS are overweight.. Other Names: Latin name-Centella asiatica, Tamil-Vallarai, Sanskrit – Mandukaparn, Hindi -Brahmamanduki & Gotu Kola,English – Indian Pennywort, Japanese – … Please be polite and pleasant, while commenting !! Flowers in sessile spikes, bract and bracteoles shiny white, 0.7-1.5 mm long, glabrous; sepals equal, 2.5–3 mm long, outer ones 1-nerved or indistinctly 3-nerved toward base; stamens 5, 2 sterile. Alternanthera sessilis is an aquatic plant known by several common names, including Matikaduri (মাতিকাদুৰী) in Assamese, ponnanganni (in Tamil), ponnaganti aaku (in Telugu), honnagone (in Kannada), mukunuwenna (in Sinhala), sessile joyweed and dwarf copperleaf.It is used as a vegetable specially in Sri Lanka and some Asian countries. The plant grows wild, but is also cultivated for food, herbal medicines, as an ornamental plant (red variety, as a hedging plant), in the aquarium trade (though it only grows submersed for short periods), and as poultry feed. English. I thought that it is something like a chemical extraction. This post has Keerai Vagaigal names in Tamil and English. I hope this post will be very useful to them.. Grubben, G.J.H. Last Update: 2020-06-27 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous. If you are searching for some recipes for your weight loss diet or any kind of special diet, this blog will be helpful to you. Leaves obovate to broadly elliptic, occasionally linear-lanceolate, 1–15 cm long, 0.3–3 cm wide, glabrous to sparsely villous, petioles 1–5 mm long. English names rank among the top names in the US, the UK, and other English-speaking countries, along with such European countries as Sweden, Germany, and France. On careful observation you will notice that flowers of Alternanthera sessilis are situated over the stem and their shape is round. | Kudampuli and Weight Loss, Kerala Style Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Sample Diet Chart. Other Indian names of this plant are Koypa in Marathi, Honganne ಹೊನಗೊನ್ನೆ ಸೊಪ್ಪು in Kannada, Ponnaganti koora పొన్నగంటి కూర in Telugu, Ponnanganni Keerai பொன்னாங்கண்ணி கீரை in Tamil peānnaṅṅāṇi പൊന്നങ്ങാണി in Malayalam. It helps to improve myself. In Tamil Nadu Vallarai Keerai – Kootu, dosai, Thuvaiyal (Chutney, which can be served with snacks) are quite popular. It is used as a vegetable specially in Sri Lanka and some Asian countries. ‘mma, keeraaai!“Keerai” is … Names of Palak Keerai in different Indian Languages: Palak Keerai in Tamil - Pasalai Keerai Palak Keerai in English - Spinach Palak Keerai in Telugu - Palakura 5. Arai Keerai or Tricolor Amaranthus or அரைக் கீரை. Names of Greens in Tamil and English will be useful to newbies while buying and cooking. English. [3] The plant is also believed to be beneficial for the eyes, and is used as an ingredient in the making of medicinal hair oils and Kajal (kohl). Only a few veggies such as basil are known by the same name (Tulsi) in most of the Indian languages. The lists below give you the most popular English first names for boys and girls in different countries, both for … In the wild it flowers from December until March. Keelanelli is the Tamil name and it is commonly called Gale Of The Wind and Stonebreaker (because it removes kidney stones) in English, Bhumyamalaki in Sanskrit, Nela Usiri in Telugu, Nelanelli in Kannada, Bhumi Amla in Hindi, Kizhanelli in Malayalam and Bhanya Amli in Gujarati. I am the author of this blog. Find translations of a given name in other languages. Vegetables Names in Tamil and English with pictures. Health Benefits of Commonly Available Type of Keer... Pictures of Various Types of Greens or Keerai | Ke... Foods that increase Mother's Milk Breast Milk. (2004) Plant Resources of Tropical Africa 2. This species is classified as a weed in parts of the southern States of the USA. It has been used for the treatment of dysuria and haemorrhoids. Recipes for Special Diets in Indian Style, Add Kuppai meni and still done keerai deeply so that comin generation can come to know. ENGLISH BOTANICAL NAME TAMIL; Hummingbird tree leaves: Sesbania grandiflora: அகத்திகீரை(Agathi leaves)----Amaranthus aritis: அரைகீரை (Arai keerai) Hi. The plant occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World. In certain regions of South East Asia, the leaves and young shoots are consumed as vegetables. Today I am going to share with you all glossary of keerai varieties/Greens in English and Tamil., Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 05:18.

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