Mid applicants need to apply to at least 80-120 programs. List of Residency Programs Any Sort by: Specialty Location IMG Friendliness factor Number of unfilled positions in the past scrambles Number of unfilled positions in 2010 scramble Number of prematches in 2010 Percentage of IMGs ERAS 2021 Participating Specialties & Programs. and to cover enough positions that can be friendly. The statistics looks very promising but let us do the calculation in the right way. But just around 50% of IMGs were matched in the 2020 year. In reality, the probability of the match without US clinical experience is much lower than with US clinical experience. Weak applicants often try to apply to a huge number of programs, but the number of programs with suitable minimum requirements is limited. The probability is just low if a very weak applicant tries to apply to a huge number of arbitrary programs, the same low as if such an applicant applied to the right programs only. Residency Explorer does not tell you where to apply or predict where you may match to a residency program. Maybe internal medicine is the friendliest if to consider all 3 factors together. We offer the most reliable search engine for IMG friendly residency programs in 27 specialties. Pathology is the friendliest by percent of positions filled by IMGs. Every IMG asks this question when he/she starts to look for medical residency in the USA. Over the course of a decade, with the input of 1,000s of candidates we have developed and consistently improved our software to provide our customized residency programs list for residency candidates. MD PathFinder is a powerful IMG residency search system providing a list of IMG friendly … The Top Medical Residency Programs Include: 10. - If a program accepts IMGs with a certain level of USMLE exam scores, it should be considered as IMG friendly. The first approach considers the number of IMGs in a state to classify it as an IMG friendly or otherwise. IMGPrep's Residency Programs List offers the most detailed examination of IMG friendly residency programs. This is why for IMGs without US citizenship (commonly called non-US IMGs) the whole matching process can be even more competitive. So there is no need to sift through hundreds of program websites. Please, create your personal search criteria to see all the programs you really need. On the other hand, a state with a high IMG match rate may only have few IMGs if it offers too few total residency positions. Refer to the ERAS Specialty Information Report for a comprehensive list of important specialty information. There are a lot of programs that declare that they can accept IMGs and sponsor visas but in reality, many of them have never had IMGs in the past. Applying for 100 programs costs 2279$. Under the right calculations, the match rate really increased by 7% for US IMGs and by 11% for non-US IMGs during the past 4 years. IMGPrep matches you to programs based on your profile. Ready to use personalized lists not only save your time for researching program requirements but also saves your time by increasing the probability of the match. The personalized list helps you to apply for the right programs and often saves thousands of dollars for your limited budget that you may spend on gaining more USCE, for example. Here at ResidencyProgramsList, we try to make these things clear for IMGs. Many residency programs require US clinical experience and clearly mention this in their application guidelines. The most advanced search engine, unique ranking algorithms, and friendly interface to streamline your application. You can keep all your programs in one place (with the information). For IMGs, it is highly recommended to have as much USCE as possible. Do not have Google or Facebook account, have not registered yet. Residency Programs Completing a residency in optometry is a unique and invaluable experience! - Specialties like internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, and some others offer good chances of matching for IMGs because there aren't enough US seniors to fill all the available positions.

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