Today Sakai's rich blade forging traditions live on, with more than 90 percent of professional chefs in Japan now said to use Sakai-made knives. Oasis 21 accommodates Nagoya's highway bus terminal and several shops and restaurants. Sakai (界) is a city in Osaka prefecture.. Get in []. Various events are held on the "Milky Way Square", the public space below the building's intriguing "Water Spaceship" roof, which is also accessible to the public and features a large pool of water. Sakae's new landmark is the futuristic looking Oasis 21 complex, which was opened to the public in 2002. Maruoka Castle is known as Kasumi-ga-jo, or Mist Castle, as legend has it that whenever an enemy approaches the castle, a thick mist will shroud it … Sakai is Fukui Prefecture's second most populous city and home to Maruoka Castle, Japan's oldest remaining castle. Built in 1877, it stands at the old port of Sakai, once a hub for international trade during the Meiji Era, when Japan opened its borders to foreign trade. Nankai Railway's Sakai station (堺駅), is 15 minutes from Nanaki Namba Station (南海なんば駅) in Osaka via the Nankai main line and costs ¥250.. JR Sakai-shi station (堺市駅) is 7 minutes from Tennoji Station (天王寺駅) in Osaka via the JR Hanwa line and costs ¥170. It remains a symbol of Sakai, still one of Japan’s great industrial cities. Article by Martha Knauf. Guide to Japan Travel Jun 10, 2019 Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, offers sightseers attractions from Japan’s distant past, including Emperor Nintoku’s Burial Mound and the Mozu burial grounds. Sakai has two main train stations.

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