The spix macaw has been extinct in the wild since 2000. It is the only re-introduction of a bird species considered extinct in the wild by ICUN. Lively, gregarious, and fiercely loyal to their mates, Spix’s macaw once occupied the desert woodlands of Brazil. The Spix’s Macaw was not the only bird mentioned on the extinction report, which found invasive species and hunting as the major driving factors leading to extinction. Spix’s Macaw were thought to be extinct in the wild because of pet trade trapping and loss of the dry Caatinga forests in which it lives, according to the Birdlife website. Unfortunately in real life, the species has been considered extinct in the wild since the year 2000. But the birds may not have been that common to begin with. During 2000 a captive female was released in an effort to form a wild pair but unfortunately this bird died of electrocution on a power line. The smallest of the blue macaws, the Spix's Macaw gained international attention in 2011 via the Hollywood animated movie “Rio”, with the supposed last two Spix's Macaws in the lead roles. But a new study shows the Brazilian bird is now extinct in the wild. The Spix's macaw made its famous onscreen debut as a charming parrot named Blu in Disney's animated film "Rio." The Brazilian Spix’s Macaw was popularized by the animated film, Rio, and its follow-up, Rio 2. One of them is the highly recognizable Spix’s macaw (or blue macaw). These affable animals are among a select group of talking birds that can mimic human speech. Advertisement. The findings reveal a worrying new trend: for the first time, mainland extinctions are outpacing island extinctions. It is the only reintroduction of a Birdlife International Red Listed bird considered extinct in … According to BirdLife International, a conservation group that assessed the status of the bird, the Spix’s macaw was thought to be extinct in the wild due to pet trade trapping and loss of habitat due to African bees that take over nest cavities. Spix's Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii) is the only member of the parrot genus Cyanopsitta.Their current conservation status is critically endangered and possibly extinct in the wild (IUCN 3.1) The species is conserved through several breeding programs. Spix’s macaw is one of the rarest and most endangered parrots in the world. Eight bird species, including two species of macaw, look set to have their extinctions confirmed following a robust new assessment of Critically Endangered species. In 2018, we’ve had the sad task of adding eight additional birds to an “extinct in the wild” list. The final macaw to have been sighted was male who had paired up with an illigers macaw. The Spix's Macaw Re-Introduction Project is tasked with reintroducing the "extinct in the wild" Spix's Macaw, the rarest parrot in the world.

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