Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center – Visit Tupelo at milepost 266 to learn all about the Parkway! If traveling north, access US 45 north of Tupelo and travel north 45 miles. It’s also the largest mound along the Parkway. : N, Does your Monday look like this? It’s a great spot for taking pictures! Date of experience: June 2020. © In the late 1700s, the route was heavily used by Ohio Valley farmers, who floated their goods down the Mississippi, sold their flatboats for lumber, and then returned home on foot. Exit the Trace at milepost 89 onto Pinehaven Drive. Exit the Trace at milepost 0 (southern terminus) onto Liberty Road. The Trace travels thru Clinton. Ask jamescM7000JQ about Natchez Trace Parkway. All Rights Reserved. Or, exit the Trace onto McCrory Lane and travel north about four miles to Interstate 40 East to Nashville. Visit Colbert Ferry at milepost 327.3 for a fun time. As a result, no major population centers -- except for the cities of Tupelo and Jackson in Mississippi, which were developed later -- were born along it. Winding 444 miles through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, there are so many places to make a stop on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Fall colors along the Parkway. There is no lodging available on the Natchez Trace Parkway itself, but the communities along the Parkway may provide hotels (PDF 41.2 KB), or bed and breakfasts. Learn about the interesting mound building process and village life in this area. It’s open year round (except on Christmas Day) and you’ll love learning more about the Trace’s... Cypress Swamp . , #repost @lunaticatlarge 357 days. Trail of Tears at Te-lah-nay's Wall – Florence, Alabama. Mileposts start at 0 on the southern end of the Trace near Natchez and end at 442 at the northern terminus (The Natchez Trace Parkway is 442 miles long.). It’s also the largest mound along the Parkway. : @lavanade, It is in the still silence of nature where one wil, Time to get back to your roots. Chickasaw Village Site – This archeological site is at milepost 261.8 and reflects the village that stood here. There are five exits from the Trace into Tupelo. Near the parkway’s northern terminus at Milepost 444 stands the striking concrete double-arched Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. At the intersection with U.S. Highway 61 turn left (south) and travel into Port Gibson. Take yourself back in time and imagine what it was like to live along the Natchez Trace at Emerald Mound. Muscle Shoals Sound Studio … :@cwytheg, The most colorful season of all is here! 1 Thank jamescM7000JQ . Exit the Trace at milepost 79 onto Mississippi Highway 467 and travel east 2 miles. #repost @lunaticatlarge If you’re interested in a longer walk, the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail is available. You’ll find yourself walking down a steep trail into a small gorge – it’s well worth the walk! Towns, Historic Villages and Cities located along or near the Natchez Trace Parkway. Exit the Trace at milepost 160 at either the Kosciusko Information Center or Mississippi Highway 35 and travel west 1 mile. Florence; Tuscumbia; Mississippi. The two mile drive on the Old Trace has great views of the forest, and is one of two places you can be on the “Old Trace” without walking. What's your favorite spot to stop along the Trace? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! Mount Locust allows you to see what the “Kaintucks” may have experienced at the stands. Bynum Mounds – This period burial mound site is located at milepost 232.4. Exit the Trace at milepost 230 onto Mississippi Highway 8 and travel west 5 miles. NPS. The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a must-see in the Ridgeland area. Instagram - You can find a twelve-minute orientation film, interpretive displays about the cultural and natural history of the Trace and even a bookstore. There are several exits from milepost 87 to milepost 103 including exits from Interstates 20 and 55. Relax, watch the sunset on the water and even fish. Two of the largest have been restored, and you can see them today. Exit the Trace at milepost 180.7 onto Mississippi Highway 413 and travel east 100 yards. Travel the Sunken Trace and imagine what it would have been like thousands of years ago. Click on any of the locations for information and pictures about the town. The Sunken Trace – Located at milepost 41. Exit the parkway near milepost 336 onto Alabama Highway 20 OR near milepost 333 onto Lauderdale County Road 14 and travel east 15 miles to Florence. I-20, Mississippi Highway 27 and U.S. 61 connect travelers from the Trace to Vicksburg. 2020 Natchez Trace Compact, The Natchez Trace String Band to Perform at the Parkway Information Cabin, The Natchez Trace Parkway Announces Spring Hours for the Meriwether Lewis Death and Burial Site, Life is better when you're grateful! Although the scenery changes with the seasons, the stories of the wildlife, American Indians, Kaintucks, white settlers, enslaved persons, and all who traveled the Old Trace have been told for hundreds of years. Fall colors along the Parkway. ・・・ Did you know the bridge rises 155 feet above the valley below? 3 states. Through the blaze of re-enactors’ muskets, into history-rich towns, the Natchez Trace Parkway and communities along its path preserve some of the most exciting and intriguing Civil War history in America. A trip on the Natchez Trace Parkway is enjoyable anytime of the year. The Old Trace – Find 13 Confederate grave sites at the Old Trace at milepost 269.14. We had such a wa, Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. Natchez Trace Compact. Exit the Trace at milepost 355 at the Collinwood Exit and travel west 150 yards to Collinwood. The trail is sunken due to thousands of travelers walking on the eroded soil. The map link below shows the location of Natchez Trace access / exit roads and nearby towns, villages and cities.. Optionally, you can click on the map's Filter link to add locations for Natchez Trace Sites, Places to Stay, Restaurants, Markets and Merchants to the map. The Tobacco Farm and Old Trace Drive – Located at milepost 401.4, this is a great place to learn about growing and drying tobacco. Follow the signs to Downtown Natchez. Travel north 6 miles to Clifton. Countless communiti, Livin the bike life in @visitridgelandms! Bicycle the Trace. Or, if you are traveling north, exit the Trace at milepost 386 onto Tennessee Highway 20 and travel about six miles west to Hohenwald. Today you can enjoy a picnic by the river, fish and boat on the Tennessee River. A trip on the Natchez Trace Parkway is enjoyable anytime of the year. There are many exciting and memorable places to visit along the historic 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway. Thus, today, the Natchez Trace Parkway is almost completely unspoiled, a quiet forest lane with the look and feel of the past, especially in its sections in Tennessee and Alabama. Fairfield. Colbert Ferry – In the early 1800s, George Colbert operated a stand and a ferry at this spot. Sea of … While the Jeff Busby campground itself is closed, you can still enjoy the picnic area and the stunning overlook, of course. Yesterday, we dr, Looking for a pumpkin adventure right off the Trac. California_momofsix. Exit the Trace at milepost 391 onto US Highway 412 and travel east 9 miles. 3. Or, if you are traveling north, exit the Trace at milepost 391 onto US Highway 412 and travel east to Columbia (24 miles). “Natchez Trace Parkway good, ... My Wife and I broke it up by getting off at the towns along the way. Or, if you are traveling north, exit the Trace at milepost 386 onto Tennessee Highway 20 and travel west to Hohenwald and then west on US412 to Linden. Emerald Mound – Located at milepost 10.3, it’s the second largest Mississippian period ceremonial mound in the country. Take a short walk at milepost 391.9 to view this pretty waterfall on the Natchez Trace. NPS. Mount Locust Inn – Located at milepost 15.5, Mount Locust Inn is the only remaining inn on the Natchez Trace. … Exit the Trace at milepost 282 onto Mississippi Highway 370/371 and travel west 11 miles. The Trace travels through the city of Tupelo. Mileposts start at 0 on the southern end of the Trace near Natchez and end at 442 at the northern terminus (The Natchez Trace Parkway is 442 miles long.).

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