xx. This recipe is hearty, cozy, and surprisingly healthy, considering how dang good it tastes. As I didn't have all the ingredients, I used what I had. The 3-Ingredient Pie Crust may be substituted for another pie crust of choice. Thanks, Emily , Hi ! It’s also a delicious way to use up vegetables in the crisper. I bet it gives a lovely taste to the quiche. […] for more yummy recipes using Sweet Potatoes? Finally, if you make this recipe and decide to share it on Facebook or Instagram, don’t forget to tag me @FromMyBowl + #FromMyBowl! Transfer sweet potatoes to a work surface until cool enough to handle. The Dish . Peel sweet potatoes and slice thinly with a food processor or knife. I make a quiche when I have the chance - home made quiche is always the nicest thing x, I didn't know about world milk day until just now! I will try this out, That looks delicious, love the step to step guide too. Bookmarked to try soon! ★☆ ❤️, That makes me so happy to hear! Or would that vastly effect the overall dish!? About Andrea • Work with me •Nutrition Disclaimer •Terms •Privacy policy • Top ↑ Cook until tender, about 3-4 minutes. It's brilliantly versatile, isn't it? It’s crazy how well you can replicate that eggy texture. Unfortunately I dont think there is a good sub for that in this case, […] Vegan Sweet Potato and Rosemary Quiche (GF!). I love this idea of using smashed sweet potatoes as a base too, I often whip up a quick quiche or fritatta, so this is a good twist. The sweet potato crust bakes in the oven for as little as 15 min, and after you fill it with the rest of the ingredients, it needs an extra 15-20 mins. This sweet potato crust quiche uses a base of thinly sliced roasted sweet potatoes for the crust, and its filling is loaded with sautéed veggies and cheese! Next, add the cubed Sweet Potato to the pot with an additional 1/4 cup of Vegetable Broth; reduce the heat to Medium, cover, and steam the Sweet Potato and Onion for 5 minutes. Wholesome, healthy, filling and delicious. So overall, it shouldn't take you more than 45 min … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes, until a toothpick comes cleanly out of the center. Place layer of sweet potatoes over bottom and up the sides of the plate (use two layers if you have enough potato). Preheat the oven to 180°C. Use frozen shortcrust pastry for the base to save some time. It’s a pretty big part of the quiche for the right flavor. Thank You. Then, when the filling was in, it dit take another 30 minutes in the end. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Crunchy and fulfilling, you'll want to make it over and over again. The first time I made it, it took me longer than expected but the second time around I multi tasked better and it went much faster. I've never made it before, and I still wonder how I came up with this idea, but it turned out awesome on the first try. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. Dietary Type: Vegetarian Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Serves: 4-6. This quiche crust is made with whole-wheat pastry flour and oat flour. The Petite Cook® is a registered trademark. Cook sweet potatoes in the microwave until tender, about 12 minutes. Combine milk and next 5 ingredients in a bowl; stir with a whisk. The crust is made from shredded sweet potatoes (no flour or butter needed), giving this … Whisk the  Chickpea Flour, Nutritional Yeast, Turmeric, Rosemary, Thyme, Salt, and Baking Powder together in a large bowl until well-combined. In a large bowl mash the potato and slowly incorporate a beaten egg, rice flour and a generous pinch of salt. […], I made this for breakfast on Christmas, and it was delicious! Spread the sweet potato mixture over the base and edges of the skillet. This bold, colorful, and very veggie quiche makes for a fantastic brunch or breakfast meal. Perfect for an easy brunch of breakfast! Do you think blended chickpeas would work instead of the chickpea flour? Hey there, I’m Caitlin! Would it be ok to eliminate the nutritional yeast? I've never thought to use sweet potato as a base for a quiche/pie - what an interesting idea! Thank you Caitlin!! If you’re looking for more savory Vegan Breakfast recipes, you’ll also love these, Finally, if you make this recipe and decide to share it on, + #FromMyBowl! … Vegan Chewy Granola Bars Recipe (3 Ways! I love quiches and my favourite is the spinach one so the sweet potatoe one will certainly work with me. Lay potato slices out in pie dish in a crust-like fashion, coated with tablespoon coconut oil, and … This Sweet Potato & Rosemary Quiche is Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Grain Free! Remove the crust from the oven, and pour the filling over the base, distributing evenly the spinach and peppers. If you follow me, you know I love sneaking veggies in recipes, and this Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust is no different. Bake in the oven for about 15 min, until the base is quite solid and crunchy, but not too cooked. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Remove the pan from the heat and drain off any excess liquid, if there is any. Whether you’re making it to share with friends or family, or simply as an easy breakfast for Meal Prep, this Vegan Sweet Potato & Rosemary Quiche will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Well, maybe it’s not so crazy. Let the Quiche cool for 5-10 minutes, then slice and serve as desired. Then, prepare the Quiche filling. I love seeing your delicious recreations , Tag @frommybowl on Instagram and hashtag it #FromMyBowl. It’s a great breakfast or fuss-free dinner idea, and can easily be made ahead of time! Required fields are marked *. Any recommendations on substituting the chickpea flour with another? I have tons of other gluten-free and dairy-free recipes on the blog, so I hope you give them a try Thank you so much again for your lovely feedback xx, Your email address will not be published. It must taste wonderful. ohh Great post!! It looks delicious too x. I could eat that right now, I love sweet potato, peppers and quiche so this sounds delicious. Home » Recipes » Italian Recipes » Sweet Potato Crust Veggie Quiche. The original recipe calls for a butter+flour crust and a filling made with lardons (bacon), heavy cream and eggs. I also put the crust for 25 minutes in the oven instead of 15, as it was too moist. Love the 3 ingredient crust with this. […] you’re looking for more savory vegan recipes, you’ll also love this Sweet Potato & Rosemary Vegan Quiche and these Root Vegetable Pancakes! So overall, it shouldn't take you more than 45 min start to finish to make this tasty, hearty vegetarian quiche. I'm also an avid yogi, love the great outdoors, am chocolate-obsessed, and enjoy eating almond butter straight off of the spoon.

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