Contact Jerrett

Hello! So you are thinking about getting a tattoo from Jerrett Spaeth? Alright! Here are some guidelines that will help start the communication between you and Jerrett about your tattoo.

He generally books his appointments multiple month blocks. This keeps his wait list down as much as possible. In-progress work gets priority so he can finish multiple sitting pieces as efficiently as possible.


Jerrett favors projects where people have sought me out because they like his personal style of tattooing. When he is given an idea and artistic freedom, Jerrett feels that he can produce his best work.

Jerrett enjoys Japanese style tattoos, neo-traditional, and dark art. Skulls, flowers, and birds are also some of his favorite subjects. His main focus is one of a kind,  original pieces. Any interesting projects could spark interest though, and he wants to hear about them!


Pricing depends on the project. He charges an hourly rate. Single sitting pieces can usually be estimated easily, large-scale work can be more difficult to price since it is paid on a sitting-by-sitting basis. If you have a set amount of money to spend it is best to discuss that beforehand and he can design something to fit your budget. Jerrett works efficiently but ideally he prefers working on pieces for as much time as it takes to make them as perfect as possible.

Working Together

Once we’ve discussed your ideas and feel you and Jerrett are a good “fit”, it will be time to stop by Thunderhand Tattoo for a consultation. Usually at this time, appointment availability will be discussed and non-refundable retainer to hold your spot will be due. If scheduling does not work out at first, remember to keep reaching out and Jerrett can get you on the books as soon as a spot becomes available. You can text or e-mail occasionally to check up and remember, persistence is key!

Some key things to remember:

  • Submitting a form DOES NOT guarantee an appointment
  • Jerrett also cannot guarantee a specific time

Jerrett has been tattooing 20+ years and has a steady clientele schedule. It can take some time and persistence to get on his books. He doesn’t like to rush his work and take every project seriously.

If you would like a tattoo from Jerrett Speath, please submit your contact information and ideas in the form located on this page.

I assure you, once it is your turn to be on my table, you will want the same undivided attention that the client before you has had.
Jerrett Speath